Festival of Cannes: Madoff, Made off with America,

a movie in production…

Edmund Druilhet, CEO and executive producer of Dragonlion Media announced yesterday he has already been in production for 3 weeks on his newest film titled Madoff, Made off with America.

Druilhet says this will be a bio-picture as opposed to a documentary because he feels that this story of the world's largest ponzi scammer/Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is better presented in its most dramatic and sensational forum, a feature film, to reveal Madoff's most intimate betrayals. Druilhet gœs on to say that Madoff took more money from his fellow Jews than Adolf Hitler himself!

The locations of this movie will include New York, Aspen, London, Dubai and other parts of Europe. Druilhet currently has a film in the theatres which opened in Beverly Hills last month that has rattled the cages of top Hollywood insiders titled Polanski Unauthorized which Druilhet says Hollywood would have loved to keep covered up.

Druilhet states that he has a lot of compassion for victims of predators whether it be financial or physical. Druilhet founded and currently serves as director of a non-profit Freeing The Goddess which assists abused women and children. Also Druilhet founded another foundation for victims of hurricanes for his hometown, New-Orleans.

Druilhet is asking for assistance from anyone who can contribute information, whether they are friends or other types of victims of Madoff, anything of value towards the making of this film. He gœs on to say Wall Street insiders would be on the top of his list, also the victims of Madoff who screams for justice and would like to contribute into making of the film.

Druilhet when asked if he had any comment on the possible production of Michael Moore's documentary on the biggest swindle of the history of America, his response was that “I think that this paramontly important event in history should be documented truthfully and not just under the Michael Moore looking glass”. Moore seems to leave out a lot of important facts. He has done this in his past few films starting with “Fahrenheit 911” as the self-proclaimed American guard dog. Druilhet states that they will be a lot of interesting characters based on real life figures and some of the most influential but "hidden figures" the world has never known.

The monetary size and the scale of people hurt by Madoff is far bigger and also more international. The human tragedy of losing a large part or all your life savings is very real and painful. The Madoff ponzi scheme, illustrated the failure of the financial system in vivid details, including the failure of regulation oversight, lack of transparency of hedge funds, the ease of spreading risk internationally and most fundamentally, human greed. “Even very sophisticated institutional investors fell for it. This is a real life drama.This will be the Movie that will shed light on the World's Greed at a global level”.

  • what about his stay on the French Riviera, his villa in the most fancy spot, the Cap d’Antibes, along the richest people in the world? What about his motor yacht armoured in the Antibes’harbour? Hope this movie will be shown in the next Festival of Cannes, next may!