Yes we Cannes ..

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Bernard Brochand, deputy-mayor of the Film Festival city, where numerous congresses take place, has promoted slogans referring to the language of Shakespeare - or rather that of America. He is one of the few politicians who can boast of being able to speak the language of finance, commerce, or diplomacy. It must be said that this is because his past career was at the head of a firm with numerous international ramifications. A perfect command of English is useful, if not indispensable, when throughout the year one welcomes important guests from all round the world, as well as demanding clients who must be seduced …

The Cannes Communications Department, faithful and disciplined, overrode the Mayor’s instructions, and we have therefore been treated to posters bearing such slogans as Made in Cannes, “Only Cannes”, “City Zen Cannes”, and “P’tits Cannes à You” , and so on … Our friends from Québec, who are well aware that English is the international business language, and who master it perfectly, are always surprised at such expressions, which they consider excessive, knowing as they do the fragility of the French language, and the necessity of protecting it.

The results of the American elections, saluted by the French right wing as well as the left, are a godsend. They will allow us to put posters up on the front of the Palais des Festivals with a version of Barack Obama’s slogan : “Yes you Cannes”. It’s not entirely certain, however, that all our north American visitors - those who voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin - (46%), i.e. 57 million electors - will consider this initiative in good taste !

A.D. (translation - thanks to Joanna Bremond - of our article published November the 13th)